News: New Plans, New Revamped KLUM Panel & New Website Launched

Published: 01/11/2020

We are launching xUID v3 officially from today!

Our KLUM+cPanel Plans are going hot! Starting at $125 only. High domain limit plans with 25, 50, 100 Domains from $399 to $599 only. Same price for Shared FastFlux with VPS and FastFlux Protection plans.

Our Dedicated FastFlux range has been revamped too! Starting at $900 only. We also have a mini Dedicated FF Plan at $600 only.


KLUM Panel Updates:

+ Domain Enable Disable Control to avoid Early Domain Killing. (Feature will be called FastFlux Parking)

+ Let's Encrypt Updates. Wildcard Completely supported now. SSL validation will occur even when Parked.

+ Tunnel code was rewritten to address an internal error on bridge. Which is now fixed.

+ DNS Code was completely rewritten, now all connections to DNS and it's config are Encrypted too.


Contact us at :

Telegram @xUIDSales

Telegram News Channel @xUIDNews

Email : sales [at] (PGP Supported)