News: Gateway Limits and New Modes

Published: 04/08/2020

Due to recent surge of high transaction fees of bitcoin, making it unaffordable for us. We have imposed limit of minimum transaction of 0.01 BTC for using bitcoin payment gateway.

Transactions above 0.01 worth of bitcoin will be allowed as usual.

We have depreciated the Stellar Gateway too because of it's low useage and have introduced USDT ERC20 payment gateway. We will also be launching USDT on Tron gateway soon.


P.S if you want to pay your invoice by bitcoin if the amount is less than 0.01 BTC then an additional surcharge of 30% will be placed on your Order.


At the time of this post, the median transaction fee on bitcoin network has risen by $4.25 and is expected to be arround $14-16 alone soon. We advice our users to get into other payment methods. We will launch our Monero Gateway soon too.